*What fluid should I use?

4L60E and 4L80E We recommend that you use regular Dexron III ATF

T56 and TR6060 We recommend the use of Royal Purple SynchroMax

*How do you ship transmissions and differentials?

We ship all transmissions and differentials on a wood pallet via truck freight due to the weight of them if they are shipped UPS or FedEx they almost always get damaged. You will need a business address to ship your product to so that you can avoid any residential and lift gate charges.

*How much fluid will my transmission need?

Automatic transmissions will need 10-12 quarts if installing a new converter with the transmission.

6 speeds take 4-5 quarts

*What is the power rating on your transmissions?

We do not have power ratings listed with our transmissions as they will hold up to different amounts of power depending on how they are used. Please call and talk with a sales representative about your driving style and HP to see what will fit your application.  

*Has my transmission shipped yet?

If we have not called you to notify you that your product is shipping and verify the order and shipping address we have not shipped it yet.

Technical Documents

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Corvette Automatic Fill Procedure

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Manual Transmissions Install Guide

Differential Install Guide

Warranty Information